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Bridges to enhance any garden

I build galvanized and powder coated metal garden bridges UK  up to twelve feet in length to cross ponds and streams.

My bridges are galvanized and powder coated in the customer’s choice of colour. The designs vary from minimalist to ornate, including Monet  bridges and Japanese bridges.

I have built bridges for a Chelsea Gold medal winning garden designer,

the Simon Gudgeon sculpture park, Dingle Gardens at Welshpool

 ( as featured in the recent BBC series Glorious Gardens from Above) and NGS gardens

I build the bridges to suit the customers requirements. I can vary the height, width and steepness of the arc.


bridges to last a lifetime

Being both hot dipped galvanised and powder coated, my bridges will last for a very long time. The walkway treads are made of composite decking (although I still offer the cheaper option of wooden decking for the walkway ) and is made by Ecodek of Wrexham. It is the only product manufactured in the UK to have a 25 year guarantee and is the only composite decking manufactured in the UK.

Apart from cleaning my garden bridges are completely maintenance free. The 3 main components of my my maintenance free garden bridges are:

1- Galvanized metal My metal bridges are hot dipped in molten zinc to protect the metal from rust. Galvanized metal will last a very long time, possibly up to 40 years.

2 -Powder coating Obviates the need for painting and also has a superior finish to conventional paint treatments.With a likely lifespan of 15 years, it lasts considerably longer than paint.

3-Composite decking Ecodek has a 25 year guarantee. Ecodek is a mix of hardwood fibres and recycled plastic milk bottles. Apart from its longevity it has anti-slip properties when wet. This is an important additional benefit over conventional wooden decking which can become very slippy when wet.

I regularly build bridges to replace customers wooden bridges which have rotted and become unsafe.

I have a long and excellent relationship with Shropshire Galvanizers of Oswestry who galvanize and powder coat my bridges. More about the construction processes can be seen here.

To make an enquiry, order a bridge or request a free DVD of my bridges please click here.

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Montgomery Garden Bridges UK


  Montgomery Garden Bridges UK

I build galvanized and powder coated metal garden bridges. I  offer designs from minimalist to ornate including Monet bridges and Japanese bridges .